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Chain Attachments

Rooftop CapsWe have supplied the conveyor chain industry for over 40 years and stock more than 100 chain attachments and designs. We will manufacture others to your specifications.

You can count on our installation to be correct, maintaining correct tolerance of your chain. We use quality materials combined with excellent workmanship to guarantee you the best possible job.

Co-Polymer and Urethane Chain Cap

Introducing a highly improved design of High-Impact Co-Polymer Chain Cap! With literally hundreds of thousands of these caps used in sawmill applications to keep chain from marring finished lumber, we have designed our product to remedy the inherent problems of those products previously on the market, with features including:

  • A superior designed "clip" that will not allow the high-impact co-polymer to work loose and fall out from continuous impact.
  • Greatly improved the weld locations by increasing its area and insuring all "plastic" has been removed, resulting in a decrease of 30% plus in set-up and weld time.

We stock orange, green, and yellow in the co-polymer caps and in the urethane we stock grey and blue.

Spacer Bar and Muntin Bar Bending

The Spacer Bar Bender machine is designed to roll spacer bars or muntin bars to any radius permissible from 7" up.  Manually operated, it uses a knurled drive roll for spacer bars, a urethane drive roll for muntin bars, and 2 forming die rolls.  The forming die rolls are grooved for your specific contour of spacer or muntin bar.

  • As the bar is forced through the forming rolls, the amount of bend is increased by moving the drive roll closer to the forming rolls with each successive pass until the desired radius is attained.  Quick change of the forming die rolls allow versatility informing different size or contour of spacer and muntin bars.
  • The basic machine comes complete with one set of (2) forming die rolls and (1) drive roll for either spacer bars or muntin bars.
  • The spacer bar set will come with double groove rolls capable of forming any two of your spacer bars up to a total width of 7/8", such as 3/8" & 1/2" or 1/4" & 5/8" etc..  If ordered for spacer bars over 5/8" wide the rolls are single groove and for one size only.
  • The muntin bar set will only handle one thickness or contour but will do all widths of that thickness.
  • Samples of your spacer or muntin bars are required for exact profiling of grooves in roll sets.

Car Dolley

 Miller Car DolleyQuick, Easy (and economical) way to move your car, truck machinery, or whatever...
$45.00 each
$175.00 set of 4

Features include:

  • Co-polymer Wheels
  • Caster Ball Bearings
  • 1,000 lb. Capacity
  • 1 Year Warranty

Grapple Hook

Can't Access That Pallet? Pull those skids the Easy Way with a "Miller Grapple Hook" - $29.95